Thursday, 30 August 2012

When Love Goes Cold & Confide In Sweetness

When Love Goes Cold by GothicNarcissusWhen love goes cold,
Blood, tears and gold
Won’t make it any better.

[ Blood, Tears & Gold – Hurts ]

Oh my God. August has passed and I have shot one single photo in the whole month. Which is okay because weather has been awfully hot, I’m still on holiday at my mother’s with few occasions to do anything and I had plenty of older material from July to publish.
One of the photos from July was part of the fashion photoshoot I had with BriarRose in Burano. Although it kept the summer feel I wanted, it turned out melancholic and contemplative, matching perfectly the Hurts song – which, in turn, was very fitting for some things that were going on at the time. Im quite glad I got to shoot at least one Hurts-flavoured photo when she came over here because for some reasons I find BriarRose a perfect fit fot the Inspiration Hurts project: so far I have something like four photos from the main series and three extras include her. All those ideas, though, require cloudy weather, which is generally unavailable here in summer, so Ill have to wait for the next time BriarRose is around.
As for the only photo I took this month, its a sudden idea I got trying to come up with something cute for Theo’s birthday. Mom brought me that mobile phone-shaped chocolate and I wanted to take a photo of it before eating it, so I decided to combine the two. Perhaps not my best concept, but it turned out nice visually.

Confide In Sweetness by GothicNarcissus
Confide in me,
Confide in me.
[ Confide In Me – Hurts ]

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