Friday, 2 September 2011

What the Water inspired me

What The Water Gave Me by *GothicNarcissusTime, it took us
To where the water was.
what the water gave me,
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us.
Oh, my love, don’t
forsake me,
Take what the water gave me.

[ What The Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine ]

The first and main reason why I considered trying to pose in the sea was The Water. As Huts’ music is a very strong, compelling source of inspiration for me lately, I just felt the urge to challenge myself and try this new experiment. While I was thinking of that photo - I had a clear vision of what I wanted, but had to wait for my mother, DamaInNero, to be back from Belarus to take the photo - I started to like the idea a lot, and I decided that I would take more photos. The release of Florence + The Machine’s new, amazing single came totally unexpected, but as the title, lyrics and mood were more than perfect for the main theme of the photoshoot, the inspiration came almost instantly. Also, Anathema’s new album Falling Deeper, a compilation of old songs completely rearranged into a new, dreamy, breathtaking orchestral shape, was leaked onto the internet the day before we scheduled the session. I only listened to a few random songs by Anathema before, but this album was an instant love, so intense that many different, watery ideas started sparkling in my mind.
They Die by *GothicNarcissus[ They Die - Anathema ]

The first part of the shoot was not as tough as I expected. First of all, once I got past the moment when I felt so awkward for being about to bath all clothed, I found myself particularly at my ease in the water (I’ve always loved the sea, plus I was dying to dive in, as that day was terribly hot). Everything came out naturally and smoothly, and both my mother and I had quite a lot of fun (in particularly when we had to change the location and I had to walk in the very popular corniche of Alghero fully clothed and wet). I tried to be as much expressive as I could when posing, since all the concepts needed to be emotionally intense, and somehow I finally got what I wanted despite not being usually particularly expressive. Perhaps it’s because I was very inspired and focused in what I was doing, as well as relaxed and amused (despite the fact that I started feeling a little cold quite soon). The second part was more difficult due to the fact that I actually had to go under the water in a very awkward position, which I have talked about in the previous post, but all in all I really enjoyed myself, and in the end, after all the photos were done, I even dared take off my shirt and go swimming with my jeans on under the bemused faces of other bathers! An interesting side note is that my make up survived both the underwater shots and my short swimming, which definitely proved in my eyes that Kiko and Mac are really fine brands.
It was not a long session, with quite few photos, but both the shooting and the resulting pictures were very intense, so it’s absolutely fine. All five photos are among my personal favourites, and I look forward to shooting in the sea again someday.
Sleep In Sanity by *GothicNarcissus
Fall deep, fall deep,
Fall deep, fall deep...
Falling deeper, falling deeper,
Falling deeper, falling deeper...

Sleep... sleeep...
It is not I who sleeps,
It is you who sleeps, you sleep.
Insane you sleep, I sleep in sanity.
[ Crestfallen & Sleep In Sanity - Anathema ]

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