Monday, 7 November 2011

Beautiful Decline

Beautiful Decline by *GothicNarcissusFingers of rust gently intertwine
Lace the seams of sacrifice in beautiful decline.
Catalysis of creations of all that was mankind
Pull our corruption towards nature, the state that’s predefined.

All that floats upon the sea, all that hangs in the air,
All that sits in dust or dirt eventually ensnared.
The gentle touch of time will take you unaware,
Pulling all creations down, an elegant affair.

Pleasant patina pulls apart a golden copper shrine
Like gently creeping mossy claws, scarring all divine.
All the things you think you value, including the gift of life,
Slowly, gently fall apart till the world is right.

Rust forms bringing it all down,
Wood rots, and into the ground
Flesh falls; life’s decomposed,
Then nature’s again exposed.
[ Beautiful Decline - Abney Park ]

It seems I’ve post nothing but Hurts-inspired photos lately; which is perfectly understandable, as I was really looking forward to Hurts’ concert and worked very hard to print the book to give them. If you’re wondering how it all ended up, I got to give the book to Adam (as Theo was quicker to vanish into the tourbus), who seemed quite surprised by the type of gift. I don’t know what he and Theo thought about it, but I really hope they had a good time tumbling through my photos.
Now, I think I’m going to take a brak from Hurts-inspired works (also because I’m currently out of ideas and the three I have are currently impossible to take due to several circumstances). In the meantime I went to Lucca Comics And Games, the biggest manga and comics convention in Italy, and had a photoshoot with Francesca and Giulia, two friends of mine who wore those wonderful costumes and kindly agreed to let me shoot them. We took few photos as it was more of a thing for fun among friends, but I loved the results nevertheless. The one above is my favourite from this session, I love how the colours came out in postproduction.

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