Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Infernal Lords XVII: Leviathan

And I don’t know how to live,
‘Cause I am broken and I fall and fall again.
With this broken skin I try to look like you.
Hope it makes me blend in like reptiles do.

[ Reptile – The Crest ]
Leviathan by *GothicNarcissusThe Grand Admiral of the Sea Serpent, Marquis Leviathan, was formerly a high-ranking Seraph under Duchess Astarte’s leadership and the third Angel to be cast out of Heaven, following Emperor Lucifer and Archduke Beelzebub. He is now the Demon of Envy and belongs to the Seven Satans, the First-Level Demons. He is also the Demon of Water, a power he retained after the Fall, and is the most closely related to his own Element out of the four Elemental Demons. This makes his nature strongly connected to that of marine reptiles, which is made evident by his beautiful, androgynous face half-covered in scales, and his dragon wings, which strangely don’t spoil his good looks. He is also an Astral Demon, with the mastership of the astrological influence of Planet Neptune. Deeply envious of God and his overpower on Earth, he’s always eager when it comes to corrupt men with his Sin, often working by Queen Barbelo’s side, like when the two plotted, with a little help from Marquise Anamelech, that Cain kill Abel to introduce murder on Earth. Among other deeds, he was also responsible for the Delilah and Samson incident, but is mostly famous for the central role he played in the Tree of Knowledge Plot: he was indeed the Serpent who lured Adam and Eve to eat the apple, leading them to their downfall.
Despite being severely consumed by his own Sin to the point of occasionally lashing out at fellow Courtiers, he’s a prominent, popular and well respected figure in Hell and has a good relationship with most of Demons, who have learnt to deal with his occasional bad temper. Beside his close friendship with Queen Barbelo and Archduke Beelzebub, he tags along with Prince Abaddon and Duke
Azazel, both Third Level Demons and Army Generals. He is a Military Chief and a skilled soldier himself, being the Leader of the Infernal Fleet, which is made of Knuckers, Nixies, Kelpies and other lesser Water Demons. He’s also in charge of guarding Hell’s borders along with Marquis Nergal, patrolling the riverine frontier and often using his mastership of Water to drown the intruders in the Infernal River. He greatly enjoys the company of Count Furcifel when he joins them for the patrols.
While not strongly involved in the mundane life at Court, during the events he enjoys associating and courteously entertaining with the ladies, most often with the ever charming Marquise Decarabia.

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