Thursday, 2 January 2014

Inverted Mirrors Of Decay

Inverted Mirrors Of Decay by GothicNarcissusTwo mice I saw are drowned in butter,
‘Cause neither he’s wise nor he’s wiser.
Two mice I saw are drowned in butter,
‘Cause neither he’s wise nor his parents.

Two eyes I shut to see you closer.
Why did you bath in muddy waters?
Inside I feel you’re my disposer,
Outside there’s nothing to hide from but you.

Tonight I died of my reflection.
I suddenly fell into milk and
Been kicking and screaming
To tie the ball of my projection,
So guess what a mouse had turned out to be.

And I’m drowning, I’m drowning
I’m drowning, I’m drowning,
I’m drowning…

Wake up.
Why are you so predictable?
Beautiful morning
Sounds like our minds can be so invincible.
Follow the warning sign.
It could be mine, it could be mine.

And I die for deserving a swim through your river.
I’m calling the ghosts of the certain deceiver, and I’m
Burning the hay. Oh, I will find the needle.
I drown in the water. The water is me, but I
Know that I’m eager to choke the results
Of particular cravings, of hunger, of thirst,
Of polemic embraces. Oh, comfort my tongue
While they dress and uncover and write you a song for them.
I will not sigh and I will not enchant you.
You’ve covered me blind for translations to hide to arise you.
I run from the shadow, the shadow is mine to despise you.
We’re running out of time.

[ Inverted Mirrors Of Decay – Leandra ]

So, here is the first work from my Morphine series, specifically from the Metamorphine part. I’m starting from the last track on the album because I only have the table mirror at my mother’s house and I would have to wait until god knows when if I didn’t get the chance now.
As I mentioned while introducing the project, there is going to be a lot of surreal imagery, and this is a primary example of that. I also wrote that I had a few ideas about the Metamorphine songs since I first listened to the album, but I never quite tried to turn them into actual photographs. Inverted Mirrors Of Decay is one of those, and one of the reasons I decided to kick off the project was the fact I could do two parallel images with this one and Divergent Mirrors Of Decay.
To be honest, the lyrics are quite surreal themselves and way too full of imagery to be wholly represented in a single photo, so I decided to stick to a more general concept and draw mainly from the title to create the image. The idea is the dear old “the mirror reflects something different” twisted in order to fit the title, so I’m basically sitting there while the two mirrors give back something totally different. I decided to add a bowl of milk to strengthen the connection with the lyrics and I had quite a lot of fun playing with the upside-down reflection, both with the hair and the spilling liquid. As I only had one mirror and had to shoot the reflections from different angles, the final image is made up of a total of about six photos put together, so the tripod and the assistance of my mother, DamaInNero, were extremely helpful to get everything right. The postproduction was quite massive, too, but as I had mapped out all I needed to do from the beginning it wasn’t beyond my abilities.
Of course, as I was handling the props I shot Divergent Mirrors Of Decay the very same day, so it’s coming soon.

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