Monday, 2 January 2012

The Infernal Lords XIX: Kobal

‘Tis the Divine Tragedy -
The fool and the mocking court;
Fool, kneel now, and ring thy bells!
Make us guffaw at thy futile follies.
We hold the Earth fro Heaven away.

Shadow of annoyance - ne’er hither!
...And when He falleth, He falleth like Lucifer,
Ne’er to ascend again.

[ And When He Falleth – Theatre of Tragedy ]
Kobal by *GothicNarcissusCount Kobal is a Higher Demon who was formerly a powerful Cherub. Well known for his entertaining wit, creative expressivity and huge talent in pretending and lying, when he decided to join Emperor Lucifer in the Great Heavenly War he was assigned the task to distract Yahweh and his most loyal Angels for as long as he could, along with Countess Jezebeth, while His Majesty and his newly acquired generals organised the sedition. After the Fall, he quickly made it to the Second Level thanks to his successful deed, of which he was so proud that he made an art out of his skills; he is now the Demon of Tragedy and Comedy and one of the three Demons of Art. He was the one who taught men to pretend for artistic and recreational purposes, thus actually introducing acting as a craft in the Sublunar World; now, as a Goetic Demon, he can be summoned by Mortals who want to be granted creativity and skills in writing plays and acting, serving as a human’s muse in exchange for their soul. He is quite fond of creative Mortals and when he finds a particularly interesting and talented one, he often decides to work unbeknownst and unsummoned, providing his protégé with inspiration and passion. This is not necessarily a good thing for said Mortals, as the brighter they shine thanks to Count Kobal’s powers, the quicker their life burns out, often ending up in misery despite producing incredible works of art. Out of the Three Demons of Art, Count Kobal is the one who acts independently from the Goetic Deals the most.
As part of His Majesty’s Entourage, he’s appointed the Director of the Infernal Theatre, often working closely with the Demon of Music, Count Murmur, and the Demon of Figurative Arts, Count Naberius, in entertaining the Court. A close associate of Duke Belial’s, whom he can almost rival in wit and dark humor, his company is treasured by the most refined Demons, such as Duke Astaroth and Marquis Adramelech, who greatly enjoy his subtle sarcasm, brilliant intelligence and entertaining talk.

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