Monday, 6 June 2011

The Infernal Lords I: Astaroth

In a world of disillusion,
Loitering away your time,
There’s no harm in reconstruction:
Paint the world in black and white.

[ Empty – Theatre of Tragedy ]
Astaroth by *GothicNarcissusDuke Astaroth is a First-Level Demon and one of the most powerful figures in the Imperial Court of Pandemonium: he represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins, masters one of the Four Primary Elements and represents one of the Planets. His most prominent role is being the Demon of Sloth, which makes him one of the Seven Satans known as the Duke of Terror. He was formerly the Chief of Thrones but became one of the most loyal Generals by Emperor Lucifer’s side during the Great Heavenly War, getting to corrupt and turn many of his fellow Thrones against Yahweh. He is the twin brother of Duchess Astarte, whom he loves deeply, and he fought fiercely especially in hopes of winning the war and spare her from a dangerous mission under cover in case of defeat. After the Fall, he managed to retain most of his powers, including mastering Air and the astrological power of Planet Mercury as a former Elemental and Astral Angel.
He’s well known for his interest in art, literature, music and philosophy as a mean of killing boredom while still being blissfully unproductive, his violent and rather frequent mood swings and his languid appearance, which he uses along with the temptations of Sloth to lure and corrupt Mortal Souls. Despite having fought fiercely during the Great Heavenly War, he now prefers indulging his own Sin, enjoying the pleasures of the Court, lying around comfortably and chatting about cultural and mundane subjects especially with Marquis Andrealphus, the Demon of the Stars, and the Demons of Art, most notably Countess Agares, the Demon of Literature, and Count Murmur, the Demon of Music. He’s manipulative and prefers acting as a subtle corruptor rather than doing actual evil deeds, which he does only when his temper swings to bad due to deep boredom. His dearest friend, the passionally-tempered Princess Lilith, occasionally manages to shake him from his constant apathy and convince him to fly to Earth with her retinue of nightly Demons who prey on the sleeping Mortals’ energies: despite his indolence, he greatly enjoys the company of Marquis Leonard, Marquise Naamah and Marquis Rosiel during their escapades. He is also friends with the equally debauched Count Asmodeus and the former Second-in-Command of the Thrones, Marquis Adramelech, being unaware of the latter’s plot to overpower him at the time of the Great Heavenly War. His best friends, though, are Count Furcifel, a fellow former Throne he took a particular liking to even before the Fall, and especially Duke ??????, the poshest and most popular courtier of the Pandemonium, whose quick wit and elegance give Duke Astaroth solace during the endless afternoons of boredom at Court.

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