Friday, 17 June 2011

The Infernal Lords VII: Adramelech

Drifting through the light inside,
A lucent image in the dark.

Hide the pieces, I become the sun
Shining through what became of you.

[ Frozen – Theatre of Tragedy ]
Adramelech by *GothicNarcissusMarquis Adramelech is a Higher Demon and an important figure in the Court of Pandemonium. He was formerly the Second-in-Command of Thrones under Duke Astaroth’s leadership, and followed his Chief during the Great Heavenly War against God, hoping to overpower him in the process, although unsuccessfully. After the Fall, he retained his powers as a former Astral Angel, becoming the Demon of the Sun: not only does he have power over the Secondary Element Light, but also on the astrological influence of his Planet. He shares these traits with his opposite yet complementary twin sister, Marquise Anamelech, the Demon of the Moon.
Having kept his former plot a secret, he’s still rather close to the oblivious Duke Astaroth, but his friendship with Duke Beelzebub is more notable, as he’s also part of the latter’s Order of the Great Fly. Another good comrade is Marquise Decarabia, who can boost her powers thanks to Marquis Adramelech’s. He also enjoys the company of Demons of the Arts, most notably that of Theatre, Count Kobal. Ambitious and arrogant, yet cultured and sophisticated, he aimed to the First Level as the Satan of Pride, but was overcome by the more cunning Duke Belial in the struggle for the position. Nevertheless, thanks to his mighty powers and his relation with the two aforementioned Satans, he made it to the Second Level anyways, being part of Emperor Lucifer’s entourage as the supervisor of his wardrobe. He’s also the Great Chancellor of the Court and it’s a spell of his that keeps Hell illuminated.
He has a slight dislike for Marquis Andrealphus, mainly because the latter can overpower his astrological influence, although he covers this as overprotectiveness for his sister, and has an ever greater dislike for the sombre Count Mammon and the ostracised Viscount Legion than other Courtiers do. The reason he is most rumoured about at Court, though, is his being notably at odds with Duke Belial, as they both like being in the spotlight, with Marquis Adramelech being envious of his title of Demon of Pride and Duke Belial taking advantage of his higher rank to constantly tease him.

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