Sunday, 27 July 2014

Holes In Your Coffin

Holes In Your Coffin by GothicNarcissusNow your kindest remark does not move me.
Both your face and your heart do not suit me.
Holes in your coffin, fool.
And the girl that you had, she won’t save you,
And the face that you have will enslave you.
Holes in your coffins prove.

Nothing less will
Do, do, do, do.
Do, do, do, do.

And the words on your grave, go to show for
The way you have behaved and I know, for
Holes in your coffin prove.
What you get for being just too playful,
What you get for being so distasteful:
Holes in your coffin, fool.

Nothing less will
Do, do, do, do.
Do, do, do, do.

If the, if the, if the –
If the word of the law doesn’t get you
And the guilt you ignore is gonna set you
Free, free, free,
If the cross on the door doesn’t scare you
And the beast of the moor’s gonna spare you,
Boy, come home to me.

[ Holes In Your Coffin – Phildel ]

Tenth work from The Disappearance Of The Girl.
If I’m not mistaken, discounting depictions of cemeterial art itself, the last time I had a photoshoot with somebody in a cemetery was in 2011. Well, Phildel brought me back to my gothic roots with this song (contrary to the others, this video is unofficial), which she herself called The Wolf’s sister. And damn it, it felt so amazing to take this photo. I still love shooting in cemeteries a lot, but I think the theme itself, cemetery for cemetery’s sake, is quite mouldy nowadays if you don’t give it a twist. Shooting somebody who’s just wallowing in a cemetery for no particular reason kind of bores me now, while, on the other hand, having a concept that did require us to be there, with somebody who’s having some business to do among the tombs, well, it was very refreshing and inspirational! This, together with the quite straight-forward imagery of the song, made it easy for me to conceive this work. I basically took the lyrics as they are and gave them a sociopathically literal twist: grab the cheater and nail him inside a coffin. He deserves that anyways.
Of course I’m just not happy with simple things, and with an easy song to decipher I decided to complicate myself with the actual realisation of the photo. I would not settle for a more generic, much easier to find tomb, the coffin had to be there. I will leave to your imagination how I put a coffin inside a mausoleum on public grounds, but while very difficult it was just as rewarding in the end.
The photo speaks for itself: Luisa is basically going away, smirking in satisfaction and throwing away her hammer after nailing the coffin and poking holes in it so the bastard can panic longer. Holes in your coffin, fool. But before you worry, no cheating boyfriend was harmed in the making of this photo, because both Luisa and I know better than being cheated on. Snap!

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