Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lento Doloroso

Lento Doloroso by GothicNarcissus
[ Intro – Hurts ]

Okay, bear with me: back during the Happiness tour, before the gig proper started, Hurts used to play a two-minute-and-a-half intro which basically consistef of industrial-ish beats, a girl weeping and lots of strings: you can hear it, for instance, at the beginning of the Live In Berlin DVD on the deluxe edition of Happiness. As weird as it might sound, I found that two minute and a half intro very inspirational: I thought it would be cool to take a funeral-ish photo to go along with the song.
I didn’t have a very precise idea about it until a few weeks ago, when I decided to have my hair cut short: although I’ve fallen out of love with it, it’s still a big part of my life so, once I had it cut, it would be fitting to give it some funeral of sort. And here the idea for a sombre picture of me holding my severed briad in one hand and taking my hat off in mouring. I must say I’m quite pleased about how sad the photo turned out to be, fitting with the song, because to be honest I’m over the moon about my new look. Anyway, before you freak out I recommend that you read this post, in which I detailed the reasons for my choice.
There’s not much to say: it’s a quick introduction to my new look, like the song is a quick introduction for the gig: quite fitting, isn’t it?
Side note: calling a photo “Intro” seemed a bit silly, so I borrowed the tagline from the Happiness album.


  1. Have you filmed the haircut? If so, could you share it with us?

    1. Actually no, I didn't really feel the need to do so. In a way, I was eager to move past it and didn't feel the need to document it. Partly I was afraid I would regret it, but mostly because I just wanted live that moment without worrying about cameras and such. :P