Friday, 5 August 2011

Blood, Tears & Gold

Blood, Tears & Gold by GothicNarcissusI never thought I could forget you,
I never thought I’d be the man I am now.
It’s twenty seconds since I left you,
‘Cause I could never be your lover.
I found another girl to mess me around,
So you don’t get to make me suffer.

Look into my eyes:
There’s really nothing left to lose,
But now I know
That I’m never coming back to you.

When love goes cold,
Blood, tears and gold
Won’t make it any better.
I never let you down, baby, baby.
I never let you down, baby, baby,
And it won’t get any better.
Blood, tears and gold.

It’s twenty seconds since I left you
And I remember why I never looked back:
I’ve got no reason to forgive you, oh.
I see it in your eyes:
The suffering, it hides the blue,
But I know that it’s never gonna hide the truth,
The truth, baby.

When love goes cold,
Blood, tears and gold
Won’t make it any better.
I never let you down baby, baby.
I never let you down baby, baby,
And it won’t get any better.
Blood, tears and gold.

[ Blood, Tears & Gold - Hurts ]

Once again, a Hurts song inspired me with one of my personal favourite photos. Far from the dark sarcasm of Happiness, the angelic yet desperate mysticism of Evelyn or the epic powerfulness of Silver Lining, this song is simply a brilliant rendition of a break-up situation through an elegant metaphor. I came up with the idea for a related photo suddenly while reading L’Uomo Vogue, thanks to a photo of Francesca Inaudi with a somewhat teary expression and strass under her eyes. I thought a very simple, fashion-like photo which expressed the concept through a strong themed make up would fit perfectly the song. Add a hairstyle reminiscent of Theo Hutchcraft’s, and this is how the work was born.
Beside my modelling collaboration with Briar Rose, I’ve never put so much effort in doing my own hair and make up before, so this was a total novelty for me. I’ve worked with two layers of make up: my basic one, which had to level my skin and emphasize my eyes, and themed one, more directly relevant to the concept.
I completed my basic make up using a black highly pigmented eyeshadow by Kiko beside the MAC eye pencil, which I faded with a big soft brush, and then I was ready for the golden tears. I used a Deborah Gold eyeliner for them (I had to apply it multiple times to get a good effect, as it was not very pigmented) and some glitter to make the actual drops at the end of the trails, plus my usual theatrical fake blood for the lips. As I didn’t need it to last for particularly long, I did my hair with a rather old Garnier Fructis Style gel I've had literally for ages, even before I let my hair grow, and styled it in a Theo Hutchcraft meets Lucius Malfoy kind of way, and there I was, ready to shoot.
As for the photo, I used natural light and grey fabric as the background. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I succeeded in using manual focus, which I will necessarily have to learn as I don’t have a remote control for my camera and only rely on timer, which makes it impossible to auto-focus on me before shooting.

On a side note, Hurts are playing a gig in Milan next October. I’m seriously thinking of printing a book out of my photos inspired by their music and give it to Theo “Handsomeness” Hutchcraft as a gift. I hope it’d make him happy to know that his music is so much inspirational to a fellow artist.

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