Thursday, 18 August 2011


I’m so sorry for getting back to inactivity after promising to be more present, but the last few weeks have been quite rough due to some health problems which let to further ones with my education. I wasn’t either in the condition or mood for photography, so I just preferred to keep a low profile in general.

Anyway, the health part has improved at least, so here I am, back on the web. After much thinking, I decided to open an account on Tumblr beside my deviantART page and this blog. It may seem a bit pointless and dispersive to open a new page, but I felt I needed a place to share the sources of inspiration behind my photos. I thought this blog would work, but I wouldn’t want important posts to slip behind to make room for pretty much random ones. So, I opened a blog on Tumblr with the purpose of sharing the works, people and random stuff that affect my creativity in any positive way.

So, here is my Tumblr. I hope you find it interesting, and perhaps get to know some interesting artist through it. Enjoy!

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