Thursday, 11 August 2011

Silent Contemplation

Silent Contemplation by *GothicNarcissusWords are meaningless and forgettable.
[ Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode ]

This photo has been one of my personal favourites ever since I took it, back in November 2009. It is the representation of a totally perfect moment, in which I could recreate my own world in the middle of the chaos of everyday life. Plus, as a lover of oriental aesthetics, having the possibility to shoot such a costume made me really glad, in particular because it was totally unexpected.

The occasion came during the Lucca Comics And Games event, the biggest anime, comics and games exposition in Italy which takes place once a year in Lucca; each time, a lot of cosplayers crowd the streets of the town, ready for a shot between a one stand and the other.
That year, my friend Ieva made this amazing cosplay of a Fox Demon, whose outfit was made out of a real kimono and original Japanese accessories. We’ve been around the town since the morning, and although her cosplay received much attention from fellow photographers, I just didn’t feel like taking some shots myself. First of all because the typically medieval old town of Lucca didn’t fit much with the costume, but mainly because, as I’ve repeatedly mentioned, I truly hate to shoot in the crowd. And trust me, there was a huge lot in there.
Then, when we went for a walk on the old walls in the evening, it suddenly happened: a moment without too many people all around, and the beatiful colour of the sunset which were a perfect match to Ieva’s outfit. When I saw it I was like: “Stop here and now! Don’t move, don’t breathe, just stop!” And here it is.
This photo is one of my best ones when it comes to sudden inspiration: it was not planned at all, it just happened and worked out remarkably. I still love it deeply after all this time, and am truly grateful to Ieva, fate and time for allowing me to shoot it.

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