Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Infernal Lords VIII: Anamelech

There she is, looking down at me,
Down at us, gazing with a sigh.
Bright as always, clouds give way.

She catches it all so gently with a shine.
They’re on their thrones, looking down at us.
With hate and loss the aim remains
So unfairly in their misery.

[ Moonlit – Octavia Sperati ]
Anamelech by *GothicNarcissusMarquise Anamelech is the twin sister of Marquis Adramelech and a Second-Level Demon herself. A close friend of Duchess Astarte’s even before the Fall, she was a high-ranking Seraph and an Astral Angel. After the Fall she retained this trait, becoming the Demon of the Moon and keeping control over the Planet’s influence, astrological on mankind and physical on the tides. She has also limited divinatory abilities, being capable of foreseeing the future, in particular tragic events and bad news, as well as projecting her visions into other peoples’ mind even across different Planes of existence: it was her who predicted from Hell that Duchess Astarte would be replaced as the Queen of Heaven by the Virgin Mary, a mere Mortal, leading her former Chief to rebel and become a Fallen Angel herself. Beside that, much like the Moon itself she’s still able to use the Light elemental powers, but only in her brother’s presence, with the intensity changing according to her position.
She is pretty much the complementary opposite of her brother, being rather quiet and reserved where he’s arrogant and flamboyant, and even though she’s part of Emperor Lucifer’s close entourage she doesn’t like to vaunt, preferring to act in a more subtly manipulative way. A nightly Demon, she’s not very involved with the Sublunar World and prefers residing in Pandemonium without caring about mankind any more than her Astral essence obliges her to, waiting for the Second Heavenly War to begin in order to gain back her former position in the night sky. Her only famous deed in the Sublunar World was taking part in Queen Barbelo and Marquis Leviathan’s First Murder Plot, projecting a fake vision into Cain’s mind to exacerbate his envy for Abel and unleash his violent instinct, then haunting him into insanity with ghostly visions. Rumour has it that she reciprocates Marquis Andrealphus’s romantic feelings, but her elusive demeanour makes it hard to know for certain.

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