Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Infernal Lords IX: Abaddon

Kill and be killed, more than fight to survive.
I’ll give you strength to continue the fight,
I’ll feed you anger and soft little lies,
Out of blood hatred grows, no place to hide.
Kill and be killed, more than fight to survive.
I’ll be your shining star, I’ll be your guide.

My Lord is great, I’ve killed before:
All is fair in love and war and peace.
In war and peace.

[ Hatred Grows – Tristania ]
Abaddon by *GothicNarcissusPrince Abaddon is the Lord of Locusts and Bottomless Pit. Formerly the Chief of Powers, he was the third Angel ever created by Yahweh, after Emperor Lucifer and Great Angel Michael, who might be considered his brothers. As a result, he is now one of the most powerful Demons of Hell and it is speculated that his powers are second only to those of Emperor Lucifer himself, and even stronger than those of the Seven Satans combined. This is the reason why he was appointed as the Supreme General of the Infernal Army and is thus called the Antichrist by the Heavenly Army, a name he eagerly embraced.
Unbeknownst to most Demons, he was given a very delicate mission: he will be the one to lead the Armageddon together with Prince Absinthion; thus, he has to spend most of his time in a deep slumber induced by a spell of Duke Astaroth’s to gather as much power as possible. Little is known about him or his personality, for he rarely awakes and leaves his residence in the dungeons of Pandemonium, the Bottomless Pit – which, despite its name, is quite a comfortable place. Even the exact nature and extent of his immense powers are not known, for he’s often bound and always blindfolded, particularly during his sporadic public appearances, to prevent him from unleashing them accidentally: his eyes are indeed the vehicle of his powers and he’s forced to keep them concealed not to accidentally harm fellow Courtiers. In time, this contributed to create much rumour and a legendary aura around his character, such as a long-running feud for power between him and His Majesty, his being a traitor who’s being kept alive in chains rather than executed because of his kinship and so on.
He ranks as a Prince in the Infernal peerage due to his relation to Emperor Lucifer, his immense powers and the sacrifices required by his mission, which consumes most of his time. Hence, despite being the de jure Leader of the Third Demonic Level, he is largely absent and his Army and Level-Leader duties are carried out respectively by the fellow Third-Level Demon, Duke Azazel, the military-tempered Marquis Leviathan and by His Majesty’s top advisor, Archduke Beelzebub.

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