Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Infernal Lords VI: Absinthion

Let us pour one final drink,
Fill the glasses to the rim.

Come, join this toast:
God is dead!

[ Wormwood – Tristania ]
Absinthion by *GothicNarcissusPrince Absinthion, also known as Wormwood, is an Angel of the Stars and a member of Emperor Lucifer’s fellowship who lives undercover in Heaven as the Chief of Dominions, faking loyalty to Yahweh in order to provide the Infernal Army with help during the Armageddon. According to the plan, once Prince Abaddon starts the Second Heavenly War by leading the Army of Hell and unleashing his powers against the Army of God, Prince Absinthion will descend from Heaven to poison one third of the rivers and fountains of fresh water on Earth by turning them into absinthe with his powers, killing countless evil mortals as a diversion and to increase the Army of Hell, and subsequently leading an auxiliary troop that will help the Infernal Army by striking the Heavenly one from behind.
Having faked loyalty to the Heavens ever since the end of the Great Heavenly War, he has pure white wings, lacks the Seal other Fallen Angels have and cannot attend the Court of Pandemonium not to blow his cover up. He instead secretly provides other Third-Level Infernal Generals, namely his former Second-in-Command, Marquis Nergal, with information about the Army of Heaven and recruits new members for his auxiliary troop by corrupting fellow Angels. In the Infernal peerage he ranks as a Prince due to the difficulty of his mission. Less than ten Demons know about his secret mission, and almost nobody knows the reason why he accepted it despite the risks.
Although he’s an Angel of the Stars, being the only green star of the night sky, his elemental powers come from Earth, manifesting as Poison. A secret member of Archduke Beelzebub’s Order of the Great Fly, he pretty obviously loves alcohol, in particular absinthe, and will be the one to lead the toast after Yahweh’s defeat.


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    1. Well, yes, it's indeed my own completely fictional rendition of the completely fictional myths some people call religion. That's kind of the standpoint of the whole work. :)