Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Infernal Lords XIII: Mephistophel

You know it’s not enough
To keep your tears around your wrist,
To keep your merits on a list,
To keep your money in a bank,
To keep riding your rank.

I know there’s no end to your rights,
No switches for the light,
No cure for your plights
And no wind for your paper kite
Torn to pieces on roses.

You won’t sleep until you sign on the dotted line.

[ Torn To Pieces – Susanne Sundfør ]
Mephistophel by *GothicNarcissusCount Mephistophel is a Higher Demon of the Fourth Level and is known as the Soul Buyer. He was formerly the Second-in-Command of Principalities under Duke Azazel’s leadership and followed his Master both staying in Heaven undercover after the Great Heavenly War and when he was cast out, becoming his Lieutenant in Hell. As former Principalities, they are both quite experienced of the Sublunar World, which is the reason why they’re part of the Earthly Division of the Infernal Army. Count Mephistophel’s job is specifically to have mortals sign the Goetic Pacts his Master invented, which are contracts between the Humans and Hell where the former sell their soul in exchange for supernatural help from the latter: he marks the souls as purchased only to collect them when the mortals’ time is due, and provides them with the necessary power to conjure the Demon they need, opening a direct link between the two parts. The vast majority of fellow Higher Demons, in particular Goetic Demons (those whose job is specifically to grant powers or knowledge in exchange for souls), avail themselves of his work to be summoned into the Sublunar World more easily. The Seven Satans, who usually choose their victims themselves rather than being summoned by mortals, are an exception.
Count Mephistophel is particularly infamous for the deal he made with Doctor Faust, which is so notorious it provided a lot of writing material even for the human lore and literature. He’s fanatically loyal to Duke Azazel and follows his orders very carefully, to the point of occasionally clashing with any Demon who comes in his Master’s way. Nevertheless, his natural diplomatic skill help him avoid fights and keep good comradeship with most of fellow Courtiers, making him pleasant even to notoriously antisocial Demons such as Countess Agares and Viscount Legion. He’s rather moderate when compared to most of the other Courtiers and, although he takes part in the mundane life of the Court, he rarely gives up to any excess, being particularly eager to carry on his duties instead.

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