Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Infernal Lords V: Legion

Stand up, you’ve got to manage.
I won’t sympathise anymore.
And if you complain once more,
You’ll meet an army of me.

[ Army Of Me – Björk ]
Legion by *GothicNarcissusMy name is Legion: for we are many.”, quoth this Demon. Rather atypically, he is made of countless evil spirits able to incarnate into a physical body or separate into their respective ethereal forms at will. Little is known about his origin, although rumour has it that he was formerly a simple Angel from the lowest choir who followed Emperor Lucifer and, upon seeing that the Great Heavenly War was going to be lost, begun devouring other lesser Angels’ spirits in order to gain more power in a desperate attempt to turn the battle’s tide. After his Fall, he kept absorbing other lesser Fallen Angels’ spirits to become strong enough to gain revenge over Heaven, until eventually his own soul got lost in the process and all that remained of the original Angel was the beautiful-looking body, which is still his (or their) physical incarnation. Despite being a regular member of the Fourth Level of Demons, due to his huge power and unusual nature he is not very welcome at Court, with the exception of the Countess Jezebeth, who usually fakes interest and only looks for some clue to start some new gossip about him from: only Emperor Lucifer’s own trust and political protection keep him from being tormented by such demons as Marquis Adramelech or Marquis Nergal, who are especially hostile to him. He therefore resides on Earth for long periods, often possessing humans. When incarnated in his own demonic body, Viscount Legion thinks and acts as a sole person due to a perfect symbiosis of the spirits’ minds, but in their spiritual form they are able to act both together and individually; he’s also able to unleash single spirits from his physical body without causing it to fade.
Most of his fame comes from having been confronted rather impolitely in his entire spiritual form by Jesus Christ himself, while Viscount Legion was possessing a man in Gadara, resulting in the Demon being (willingly) exorcised. The exact amount of the spirits that make him up is not known, nor is the actual extension of his powers. Some of the Spirits’ names are known, though, thanks to many infamous cases of possession that Viscount Legion is responsible of, such as Isacaron, Madeste, Naphthalim, Beherie, Gressil, Verrine, Amand, Easas and Sonneillon. Due to the general anxiety and hostility he encounters in the Court, he hasn’t many close relationships. He often crosses paths and makes good comradeship with the ever-friendly Marquise Decarabia, Duke Azazel and Count Mephistophel, but relies on the latter’s services to find mortals to possess only seldom, usually preferring to do it on his own.

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