Friday, 10 June 2011

The Infernal Lords IV: Lilith

Spreading your feathers, sucking on every tree,
Caught up between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
As you lie across the table you swear and rhyme,
You lie across the table, you swear and rhyme,
Thinking that someone might suit your body,
Your body...

[ Lilith – Susanne Sundfør ]
Lilith by *GothicNarcissusPrincess Lilith is the Demon of Passion, Instinct and Desire. Being the Princess Royal of Hell, she’s the second most powerful woman at Court and the Leader of the Second Demonic Level, Emperor Lucifer’s entourage, which includes many of the most politically and magically powerful Higher Demons immediately below the Seven Satans. Formerly the Second-in-Command of Virtues, she plotted extensively with her former Chief, Duke Belial, and lured countless Angels to their downfall prior to the Great Heavenly War. She was the first female Angel to be cast out of Heaven and therefore the first woman to appear on Earth, right in the Earthly Paradise. She is best known for having been Adam’s first partner before the creation of Eve, although she refused to submit to him and fled from the Garden of Eden in anger to join the other Fallen Angels in Hell. Afterwards she had a long-lasting affair with Count Asmodeus and even dared to seduce one of the Heavenly Generals, Samael, the Angel of Death, although she didn’t actually lure him to his downfall.
Even though she shares the Sin of Lust with Count Asmodeus, she’s not one of the Seven Satans because she regards it more as a matter of instinct than a corrupting Sin. In return, this gives her access to the power of the Black Moon, a Planet existing only in the Astral Plane that guides the sexuality of mankind; as no Angel in Heaven has power over it, she’s the sole mistress of its influence. Indeed, she embodies the most wayward and instinctual side of femininity.
After her affair with Samael, she had countless flirts and relationships with many Courtiers of Pandemonium of both sexes, including again Count Asmodeus, her dear friend, Duke Astaroth, and even Emperor Lucifer himself. Despite being the de jure Leader of the Second Demonic Level, she finds the Court rules rather suffocating at times and often flies to the Earth where she acts as a Succubus, a nightly Demon who seduces men to lay with them and feed on their virility – she does so to gather more power, as her fall left her wingless. Her retinue of Incubi and Succubi include Marquis Leonard, occasionally Duke Astaroth himself and, most notably, her sister, Marquise Naamah. Thus, the actual command of the Second Level lies in Duchess Astarte’s hands, with whom Princess Lilith shares a friendly rivalry together with Queen Barbelo, each one representing one distinct aspect of womanhood. Her powers are also tied and complementary to those of Marquis Rosiel, one of her fellow Incubi, as she influences physical attraction whereas he manipulates romantic feelings.


  1. Kali, Durga, Parvati, Persefona, Atena, Prozerpina, Rosmerta, Epona, Xochiquetzal... Przedstawiasz w tym wpisie Boginię nad wyraz jednostronnie. Również błędnie, co stwierdzam jako Jej wyznawca. Wstyd.

  2. I recommend that you read this post about this specific entry, and this one about the project in general: they give some insight about how I developed the symbolism in the photo, how I chose which sources to include and which ones not to in the “biography”, how and why I made up a good deal of it, how the project is specifically tied to the Jewish/Christian demonological folklore and this is why it ignores any other traditions, and how I consider all of this pure fiction, albeit fascinating, on which I have my two cents to add. :)