Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Infernal Lords III: Asmodeus

An addict to my tones,
You will drink me till you say when,
And then you’ll have to drink some more.
You’ll love me like the devil loves
To drink his water laced with wine,
But you won’t like him be called an Angel
When you fall.

[ King – The Romanovs ]
Asmodeus by *GothicNarcissusCount Asmodeus, also known by Mortals as Asmodai, is a Higher Demon of the First Level who was previously the Chief of Cherubim and is now the Demon of Lust, thus one of the Seven Satans known as the Count of Judgment. His elemental powers rely on Heat (although he’s not the Master of Fire). Extremely dissolute and vain, he’s well known for his love of alcoholics and gambling, which stretches as far as making him the Director of the Infernal Casino.
Being the Demon of Lust, it’s not surprising that most of the memorable things about him are connected with his love affairs: he had a long-lasting relationship with Princess Lilith shortly after she fled the Garden of Eden after her Fall, and is famous in the Sublunar World for having fallen in love with a mortal woman called Sarah, to the point of killing her husbands before any of them could even touch her and fighting against Great Angel Raphael for that. It’s not surprising, though, that he had so many remarkable lovers, since his own Sin makes him an extremely good one, who is almost constantly flirting and having affairs with countless Demons of both sexes: rumour has it that he was bold enough to sleep with Archduke Beelzebub despite the latter’s reserved nature, and even dared to seduce Queen Barbelo and Emperor Lucifer themselves. His company is very enjoyable also outside of bed, for he’s a real gentleman, very polite, galant and subtle when flirting, with a good sense of humor and a lot of entertaining gossip to tell. This is what makes him a good friend of both the indolent Duke Astaroth and the vain Duke Belial, his favourite comrades when it comes to wasting time in the Court or spreading the Sins among Mortals.
Nobody tries to guess how many lovers he had, and rumours have it that the only Courtier he hasn’t slept with is Count Mammon, the Demon of Greed, as the two openly hate each other due to their opposite activities and different personalities. As a huge womaniser and alcohol lover, there’s almost no need to say that Count Asmodeus particularly likes Marquise Decarabia, as she can make the best beverages in Hell, and as an art lover he’s the patron of Count Naberius, the Demon of Figurative Arts.

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