Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Infernal Lords XII: Andrealphus

Find me in the frequency:
You are never alone,
A mirror that can’t be broken,
Reflections of the stars.

Lost beneath the veil of time,
You were once so frail in your delusion.
Can’t you see that all is infinite?
Oh Indigo, you are the key to unlock eternity.

[ Indigo :LOR3L3I: ]
Andrealphus by *GothicNarcissusMarquis Andrealphus is a Higher Demon of the Second Level who was previously a high-ranking Virtue. His duties were to guard the planets of the Astral Plane, regulate their influence on the Sublunar World and keep humanity from discovering the secrets of their physical counterparts (the actual Solar System); after his Fall, despite losing his role as the Guardian of the Skies, he retained most of his powers over the Stars, as well as his immense knowledge both in the Art of Astrology and in the Science of Astronomy, which he can grant to Mortals along with that of other sciences when summoned as the Demon of Astronomy and Astrology. Not only do his powers allow him to create an illusion of the night sky, the Planets and their orbits and movements, which he uses to decorate the ceiling of Hell at night, but also to contrast the astrological power of Heaven, which emanates from high-ranking Angels, blocking it and letting that of the Astral Demons flow instead to influence mankind towards Evil.
The reason of his Fall was to be able to explore the Sublunar World and witness the difference between the complex laws of physics that rule it and the geocentric Astral Plane, who works on the miracles of Angels and out of the laws of nature. Rumour has it that another reason was a fellow Astral Demon: he followed Marquise Anamelech, his romantic interest, when she revolted against Yahweh during the Great Heavenly War, hoping she would reciprocate his feelings someday. He also has a good comradeship with other Astral Demons, most notably Duke Astaroth of Mercury, who loves discussing the skies with him, Princess Lilith of the Black Moon, Duchess Astarte of Venus, Duke Azazel of Saturn and Marquis Rosiel of Uranus, although he tends to avoid Marquis Adramelech’s presence due his own mild photophobia and the latter’s overprotectiveness of his twin sister. He’s described by fellow Courtiers as a mysterious and fascinating Demon who speaks with a subtle and seducing voice and usually stands in the darkest corners emanating dim starlight from his body.

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